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Yule Wishes

Posted on January 19, 2018

Well, here is it, the middle of January and I have not blogged about our Yule celebration. I can only plead illness... a long, long bout of the common cold and a shorter run-in with a rota virus.

Yule was one of the prettiest rituals we have done. The idea of ritual is to move the participant to a different place. A visual display can move folks to that place and that is what we tried to do. Music is also moving and I am blessed in that (apart from me) my circle includes some wonderful singers.

First, about the music. We sang several traditional Christmas songs, with the words updated, when necessary, to make them more Pagan. Some songs predate the Christian Christmas and we lean toward those songs, but familiar carols make the singer feel as though the singer is "coming home" and part of the Yule spirit.

The theme of the ritual was "Yule Wishes". I set up a small Yule tree. The one I purchased was of wire twisted and bent into curlicues. I chose this because it seems symbolic of the idea of "tree". It was also like the tree of life as depicted in old Celtic art. And it would allow the ornaments to stand out.

The ornaments were clear glass. We drew symbols on them and wrote words on them to express our wishes for ourselves, our families or the world. We dropped a tiny light into each on after turning it on before hanging it on the tree. If I were to do this ritual again, I think I would break it into 2 parts, one for creating the ornaments and then one for hanging them. This would allow the ink to dry. We had some smearing issues, which didn't affect the overall look of the tree, but would have been tidier.

Once all the ornaments were hung, we added a string of tiny tree lights and star shaped tinsel. We raised the power and send it out to all who could use it and who could accept it.

And of course, ended with a last carol, because, after all, it was Yule.


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