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Welcoming back the Colors on Ostara

Posted on April 1, 2018

Last week we celebrated Ostara by welcoming back the colors of spring. As fall progresses, the green leaves change from green to red to brown. The grass changes to green to brown to white as it becomes covered with snow. The trees lose their green leaves and become grey and black silhouettes against the snow. Brown and black, grey and white... all neutrals, nothing bright and colorful. During last Mabon's ritual, we took down colorful flags, one for each color, and ceremonially packed them away, one-by-one, into a box. They rested in that box all winter. A single white flag stayed on the altar all winter.

Now, as the winter is finally receding...slowly this year...and we begin to see robins, snowdrops and crocuses. Tiny pale pink and green leaves are unfolding. Bright yellow flowers bloom on the witchhazels and the forsythia.

To honor this change, we ceremonially opened the box from last fall. Inside we found the bright flags of each color. We honored each color, one at a time, and welcomed them back. One-by-one, we unfolded them and flew them on their flagpoles. First was the violet flag, the color of violets and crocus. Then the indigo flag, for the starry nights of spring and the blue flag, for the bluebells and blue robin's eggs. Next we re-flew the most symbolic color of spring, green, to represent the greening earth and the yellow flag for the brightening sun of spring. Finally, we re-introduced the warm colors, the orange of primroses and the red of the warming earth, sky and sea.

We also did a meditation on the beauty of the earth and raised power to heal her. At the very end, we took down the flag of winter and welcomes spring. It was all inspiring and uplifting.


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