• wwilson553

No Imbolc Ritual?

I haven’t blogged about our rituals lately. January and February were not good months for me and the members of my circle, healthwise, so our planned Imbolc rituals has been rescheduled. I had planned a ritual involving meditations on the solar system, but it didn’t happen. We’ll probably do it for Beltane, since none of us is up for a Maypole dance anymore.

The reason that we are not doing it for Ostara is that the Mabon ritual we did last fall is actually a 2-part ritual. Last fall, we said farewell to the colors, since Winter brings us only neutrals - white, grey and black. Even winter evergreens seem drab as the winter goes on. The farewell to colors involved a discussion of each individual color. We placed a flag representing each color in a box. The box was tied shut and stored for the winter.

Come Ostara, we will open the box and welcome the colors back! We’ll greet each as it is unpacked: The yellow sunshine, the green of the new leaves, the red of the tulips, the purple of crocuses!

I am looking forward to it and I will blog about the ritual afterwards.


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