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Imbolc - We Become Makers

Posted on February 5, 2017 at 3:25 PM

Last night was our Imbolc “makers” ritual. We celebrated Imbolc by honoring Bridget as the patron of smiths. In her honor, we created wands and became like smiths of the past, makers.. makers of objects and makers of magic.

We had 2 newcomers at the ritual – a longtime friend, who has an amazingly open heart and she brought a friend, who is a charmingly down-to-earth sort and a drummer! I am not much of a musician but the addition of a drummer to the other musicians and good singers who come to my rituals, brings a blessing to the circle.

We created beautiful wands, using clay, feathers, ribbon and crystals. I am sorry I didn’t get a picture before everyone left, but they were quite unique and evocative of each person’s personality.

In the ritual, we drummed and filled the room with the energy of the vibrations of the universe. That energy was used to empower the wands. We also sent energy out to the world for anyone who needs it and can accept it.

I neglected to get photos of the wands before folks left, but I have my own and my husband’s. After the ritual, I was looking at them and realized that they really did reflect our personalities. His dominant element is air and his wand has

a feather. My dominant element is earth and my wand has a snake.

Happy Spring-to-come!


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