• wwilson553

Past into Future

Posted on November 11, 2016 at 3:10 PM

We had a delayed Samhain ritual last weekend. Everyone was going to Halloween parties the previous weekend, so we thought we would postpone our ritual. We did a memory-based ritual where we meditated on our ancestors and what they had handed down, both genetically and behaviorally. Our ancestors, our grandparents and parents may no longer be here, they live on, very truly, not just in our hearts, but in our very selves. I wanted to honor the “handing down” from generation to generation. For each thing we thought of, we added a marble to an individual bowl of water.

Since the past should not be the only things in our lives, once we had meditated on the ancestors, we used the sparkling bowls of water to scry for the future. We tried to imagine what might happen. When the scrying was down, we took those bowls of water and emptied them, with the marbles into a large bowl of water, which represented the universal spirit of all. This symbolized our unity with all beings, past, present and future.

It was very emotionally charged and some of us cried thinking about our forebears, particularly parents or grandparents who we were close to.

I finished with the rite of the Apple and Pomegranate, since that is calming and more universal than personal.

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