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Equinox - Accepting Change

Posted on September 22, 2016 at 9:50 AM

Autumnal equinox is here, although in our part of the woods, the weather is summer-like and the trees have barely taken on any color except green. There are so many traditions and symbols for this day, that it is hard to pick one as a basis for a ritual.

For example, it’s a harvest festival, so thanks to the Earth for her bounty would be in order. Celebrating the change of seasons would be another idea, as would be a farewell to the sun. A ritual based on the idea of balance and unity would work, too. And traditionally, this is Mabon’s day, so celebrating this Celtic hero might be in order. And we have done rituals based on all of those things.

But here is what we decided to do this year. I love all the images and symbolism of the holiday but I think there is a sadness in the day… a feeling of loss of the summer warmth and joy. So, this year, we are doing a ritual based on accepting change. Life and change go hand in hand. And yet, most of us find change difficult, even changes that may be beneficial in the long run. And changes that cause grief and displacement may seem unbearable. So, on Saturday, we will be doing a ritual where we carve symbols of our feelings into potatoes and then bury the potatoes, hopefully releasing our negative feelings into the cleansing earth.

We hope we will then be able revel in what autumn brings – the wonder of the harvest's gifts to us; the blessing of weather that is neither too hot nor too cold; the beauty of rain that does not have the violence of summer thunder, or winter blizzards.

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