• wwilson553

Beltane is close

Posted on April 18, 2017 at 4:35 PM

Beltane is my favorite Wiccan holiday. I love its joyous sensuality and its celebration of nature. It seems to evoke the idea of beauty. I made my decision to become WIccan at my first Beltane ritual. The joyousness was irresistible.

The holiday is close now and I am deciding on a ritual for my circle of older witches. It may be that dancing around the maypole is not the best idea for those of us with arthritic knees and breathing issues. Maybe a Belfire, built by the participants or a belfire to sacrifice our flower crowns to?

Perhaps a walking meditation is appropriate? In past rituals, we've used both a spiral and a labyrinth as devices for mindfullness. I could incorporate flowers into the meditation.

I once did an elaborate ritual involving phases of life. We built altars to youth, to the warrior within, to the nurturer within, to the wise elder and to the transcended spirit. I am considering this ritual if enough people are interested. This is fun and comtemplative at the same time. It had lots of music, too!


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