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A Tour of the Solar System

Posted on May 30, 2018

Our Beltane ritual was the tour of the solar system that we postponed from Imbolc when we were all under the weather. The ritual involved science, mythology and Jungian architypes.

We started in the Kuiper belt, waving to Pluto and the other larger Kuiper objects. We then encountered each of the plants, discussing the planet’s structure, history and the god it is named for. We started with Neptune, an icy giant plant, named for the god of the sea. From Neptune, we seek to understand the changes and tides in our own lives

We moved to Uranus, a sky god, also an icy giant. From the god of the daylight and the night sky, we seek to bring balance into our lives

Saturn is next. Saturn is a gas giant plant. The god Saturn is associated with good fortune. While our lives are not perfect, we live in a time when we do not have war being waged in our backyards, when we have enough to eat and a place to sleep out of the weather. We are the fortunate in terms of history and geography.

Jupiter, the largest planet, is also a gas giant, named for the most powerful god. We contemplate what powers we have and how we can make the best use of it

We moved to the inner planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury. These are designated rocky planets. Mars, named for the war god, due to its reddish appearance. Can we take on the courage of a warrior? Venus, the bright star of the morning and evening, is named for the goddess of beauty and love. We each recognize and acknowledge our own beauty and lovability. Mercury is the messenger of the gods, moving quickly through the heavens. May we not be controlled by the endless communications bombarding us.

And the power of this system? What sets it in motion… our own star, Sol. The sun gives so many things to us: warmth, light, food, color and so much more. Let us share our own gifts in the same generous way.

Finally, we fly home…. To our own precious blue-green planet, Earth. We call it Mother Earth, because it gives us the all things we need. We think about living on earth and the perfection of the environment it provides. We send out our healing energy to the earth. We meditate on the perfection of the system and know that we too are made of star-stuff and the energy of the universe.


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