• wwilson553

A Ritual of Water

Celebrated on Sep 22, 2018

This is a simple ritual, but a good meditation one. We associate Autumn with water, with the soft rains that accompany the falling temperatures. and bring relief from the summer heat. To celebrate this seasonal change, we did a ritual of water for Mabon. Each person brought some water and I provided other waters from various sources. As residents of the earth, we need water from many sources, not just to drink, but for many uses. We pour water gathered from rainwater, the ocean, the rivers, the wetlands, and potable water from a well. We spoke of the need for each kind of water, for still water reflecting the moon and swift running water, for the waves of the ocean to the quiet waters of the swamp.

Water is the most precious thing in the world and once it's gone, so are we.


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