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A Farewell to Colors

Posted on October 1, 2017

Yesterday, we celebrated the Autumnal Equinox with “A Farewell to Color”. While these weeks of fall are arguably the most colorful weeks of the year, those colors are the bright farewell from nature as we move into a time of greys and browns and then to the white and black of winter.

To celebrate the change and to honor the gifts of the sun, including the gift of color, we formally said farewell to the colors of nature last night. I created a flag for each color of the rainbow so we could honor the each one separately.This change may make us sad, so the idea of the ritual was to create a memory of color to keep in mind though the dark and colorless days of winter.

We honored not only the colors, but the natural things of color - the red raspberries, the orange daylilies, yellow sweet corn, green leaves, blue skies, indigo blueberries and violet eggplants. We also look forward to the spring blooms – the redbud trees, the poppies, the dandelions, the hellebores, the bluebells, the irises and the violets. This will keep our hearts light during the days of white snow and bare, black trees.

One by one, each flag was taken down in honor and folded. Once it was honored, it was placed in a wooden box and we celebrated the next color by taking down its flag. Once all 7 flags were in the box, we raised the power and empowered the box. The priestess tied a bow around the box and the box was set aside for the winter. When Spring arrives, we will open the box and welcome the colors back into our lives.

Welcome, Autumn!

A friend of mine adapted this for a child's ritual where she asked each child what they could think of that was red, or orange. It was interactive and the kids loved it.


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