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A Beltane Ritual for Mature Witches

Posted on May 28, 2017 at 10:40 AM

I decided to go with a ritual honoring age and wisdom, since we are all over 55 now.

My circle includes folks no longer able to dance around a maypole… but this also means that they are old enough to be considered elders of the community and as such, sages. For Beltane, we did a ritual where we discovered our sagehood and honored our status.

This ritual is ideal for handicapped folks. Not only is it non-active, but factors that might cause issues for some older people have been minimized. We sat around a pool of water (made from horse watering trough). You could use a firepit for this, but we have a member with lung issues, for whom fire is a problem. This is a substitution that you could use in other rituals if you anticipate participants with asthma or allergies, particularly for Beltane or Lammas, when there is a lot of pollen in the air. I also used electronic candles for the corners to minimize irritants.

Some folks thought “perhaps I have not achieved wisdom… I keep making mistakes and sometimes the same mistakes... this is not an appropriate ritual for me.” I think we have all achieved some wisdom. We have figured out, to some extent, what works for us. We have found a spiritual path to walk. We have learned whose ideas make sense to us and whose ideas don’t. And we have made it this far in life. Just that is an accomplishment!

We told each other what behavior or idea we were changing as a result of becoming sages. Not to stop being angry, but to channel that anger into action on behalf of civil injustice, for example. Not to look backwards with regret, but forwards with joy. Not to count what was lost as we grew older, but to rejoice in what was gained. For each idea we abandoned, we threw a sage leaf in the water. For each idea we took on, we tucked a leaf into a small fabric bag.

We each received a “staff of sagehood”, a walking stick to symbolize our new status. Together we blessed the staves and honored ourselves. And walked the walk of the sage.


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