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I'm Wendy from Magic In Your Living Room. Magic in Your Living Room began as a project to organize and publish the rituals I have designed and led over the past 30 years.  As a ritualist, my goal was to use a ritual to illustrate a concept within Wicca, Paganism, or even the more esoteric aspects of science. I also wanted to create rituals where all the folks attending were involved in the ritual.

I not only designed the rituals, but I prepared programs so that the participants could actually participate. Those programs included the words they might use to call the quarters, for example, or bless the bread. I also created art to illustrate what the ritual was about.

Over time, other folks wanted to use the rituals, so I hired an editor to help me with parts that were not easily understood, or where I had left out “stage directions”. I packaged the rituals individually and opened a shop on Etsy to sell them. Folks admired my art, so I began to have the art printed on fabric and I sell the designs as altar cloths.

Just recently, I have also opened a shop on Amazon handmade to expose my art to a larger audience. I have also collected my simplest rituals in a book. And I have plans for tarot cloths and pendulum cloths.

What is Magic in Your Living Room? It's about ritual, ritual tools and symbolic beauty.  


Each of us, regardless of religion or belief system, understands the need to celebrate the seasonal changes, important personal events and local cultural events. Ritual is part of the magic inside us and it’s the way we express that magic. It’s the way we communicate with the higher senses, both within ourselves and with others. It’s the way we find the path to deity, however we define it.   


We are a resource for those who wish to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the changes in their lives with rituals that have meaning to them.We have booklets each containing a complete ritual, along with altar cloths and other pagan themed art and ritual objects. Additionally, my blog on this website has pictures and comments on rituals my circle does to give you a better idea of how ritual unfolds. 


I have been a Wiccan and a priestess for many years and have evolved into a pretty good ritualist. Twenty years of designing 8 rituals a year gave me the experience of what goes right and what goes wrong. And the importance of a pre-ritual checklist. I have a good sense of symbolism and how to use symbols to spark ideas and experiences for the participants. 


If you are new to ritual design or need a ritual in a hurry, you can download a ritual from our Etsy store and be ready for your rituals in a short time.  If you need a custom ritual, you can have one in a couple of days. We have worked with bridal couples to design hand-fastings and with the bereaved for memorial ceremonies as well as with folks who want a ritual exactly reflecting their ideas about spirituality. Others have used my rituals as a jumping off place, perhaps using the center rite of creating a fire with their own words for calling and dismissing the quarters.


The rituals follow the Wiccan calendar of holidays, but are mostly non-denominational and could be used by anyone who feels ritual is an important part of life. You will get step-by-step instructions including a list of necessary items, how to set up the altar and room and a complete program for the ritual activity with every word to be said and every action to be performed. We suggest music and where to get the sheet music for suggested singing.


My symbolic art is featured in my altar cloths. They are designed to bring beauty and pagan symbolism to your ritual. The designs for the altar cloths are based on Pagan and Wiccan ideas and motifs. They each express an idea and usually have seasonal aspects. And they are a colorful addition to your ritual, or just to your home. Besides altar cloths, these designs can be wall hangings or cushion covers. 


I have added Cafepress to my platforms so I can offer Pagan themed t-shirts, magnets, mugs and other household items. Maybe not for formal rituals, but we live every day in the glory of the natural world and our mundane things might well reflect that.


Please visit my Etsy or Amazon store to see the lovely altar cloths and the available rituals. Cafepress has the same designs on T-Shirts and household items, Spoonflower prints my fabrics, so if you want the unfinished textile, check out the Spoonflower link.  Contact me for any custom work, either art or rituals. 


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